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You will come to realize something about me very quickly — I don’t like talking about myself. It’s much more interesting (to me) to learn about you —

  • YOUR story;
  • How you came to be in your business;
  • Why you are here in this moment needing something more;
  • And knowing in your gut that your business can produce more revenue, “if only…”

On the other hand, I see the need for knowing the person you’re thinking about hiring so here we go…

I grew up in the Midwest and moved to California in 1984. Lived in the San Fernando Valley and eventually graduated from UCLA with a degree in English Literature. 

This led to time in the film & TV industry (researching stories for an Emmy-winning dynasty show and writing my own projects) and transitioning into business after that.

I operated a chain of Hallmark stores for 13 years which was tremendously gratifying… people coming in for every major event in their life.  Death in the family, birth, wedding, anniversary, sickness, holidays… Taking a moment to say “I Love You,” or “I know you need a friend right now and I’m here for you.” Every time a customer walked in, we didn’t know what Big Moment they were experiencing but we did our best to rise to the occasion and be present. 

Being present.

I needed a website and it was 1999. Couldn’t find anyone to build it — there weren’t many web designers around back then and the ones that knew how to code, cost a fortune. There was no WordPress. Everything was done by hand — stone tablets, hammer & chisel.

So I built it myself. It was laughingly ugly, that first effort. It didn’t do much.

Those were the slow internet days, the “baby internet.” 

Everyone was learning to walk and not splatter the wall with cereal. The bar was not very high. 

I was there for the birth of Google. The birth of Youtube. The birth of Facebook. The birth of Twitter. The birth of mobile! 

And the birth of scammers who pounce on every “new” thing and scare business owners into buying it. 

I know what it’s like to have your workday interrupted 10 times by phone solicitors. As someone who has a Google rep, trust me when I tell you, “Randy from Google” is never actually anyone from Google.

Back then, Google displayed the number of pages in their database and it was in the thousands. You could literally publish content and see it on page one within 20 minutes! Not kidding. 

Fast forward. I’m doing the online business full time. Clients all over the world in every niche you can imagine — quite literally. 

There are a lot of events in my life where you might say, ‘this guy is an early adopter’. That’s true in some respects — I have a knack to see where things are going. But I’m not someone who must have the latest tech toy. Not even the latest thing. I like things that are USEFUL. 

If that tech has a useful purpose and fits the overall strategy, I’m pounding the table for it. Otherwise, meh. 

In the online world, my business includes clients. I have also created and sold digital training, physical products… I’ve been an email marketer for 15+ years.

I have been hired numerous times by other agencies to work on THEIR clients’ websites and marketing!

I find myself doing facepalms and shaking my head at the way most online agencies treat their clients. That’s a topic for another day. 

There are some good ones out there. I have had long-term relationships with some agencies to develop their clients. 

Some of my own clients have been with me for many years. I take great pride in that… and enormous gratitude! 

In a world where a lot of online marketers make you feel like they’re doing YOU a favor, let me just say unequivocally: 

It is truly an honor to be a trusted partner of their business. 

So let’s bottom line my story to you… Why should my story matter to YOU and your business? 

Here’s one thing — I’m a business owner just like you; I know what it’s like to meet payroll and listen to customers’ needs to grow a real business.

With me, you won’t get a cubicle call center telemarketer who’s reading a script about what your business “needs.” Nor is my idea of success the awards, accolades I’ve achieved or the 5-star reviews…

My bias — my PASSION — is developing YOUR  quickest path from point A to point B.

Point A is your customer. Point B is you. Connect those two and you are identifying a need, meeting that need and growing as a business. 

People will try to complicate that. They will try to scare you with a fear of missing out (FOMO). 

Very few people will be capable of connecting your customer to your business. For someone to successfully achieve that for you, they need to have a solid grasp of good design, copywriting that converts, and how to optimize your site for the search engines. Not only do they need to be expert in those areas but they need to have a strong business acumen and the ability to see the big picture at 30,000 feet plus execute all the little details to make it work. 


I have seen a lot come & go so I know what’s going to work and the rest is just Flash in the pan — remember Flash?  

I have a  burning desire to help business owners take on the dragon of big box retailers, giant corporations and a system that is skewed AGAINST small business — even though we account for two-thirds of all jobs and nearly half of the country’s overall GDP! In the U.S., small business GDP is $5.9 trillion – that’s more than a bag of chips so let’s engage and take some of that for YOU. 

The chess board is the same size, the online opportunities are enormous and growing every year — but there is a smaller number of players because the dragons keep eating the little guys. 

I’d like to think my role is to keep it a fair fight. To arm the small business with the RIGHT tools at the right time to succeed and thrive. 

If you can’t have an advocate fighting for you in your business, then what is the point of hiring someone?

Here’s a tip: don’t hire an “order taker” if you want to grow. In fact, that might be worse than doing nothing at all. 

What’s an order taker? Here’s an example — you think you need a website so you call a website builder. That’s going to get you something that looks like a website… It probably won’t grow your business. In the P&L, it will die in the expense category.

With respect, you’re not (shouldn’t be) looking to buy a piece of technology. 

You actually need to rent someone’s brain and experience.

Someone like myself has the goal of handing you a foundation to build upon that fits an overall plan. The tech is the byproduct, the delivery mechanism, a GROWTH TOOL.

Hire an advocate, an advisor, a consultant. Someone who has been to battle, been there / done that and knows the way. 

Hire someone who will LISTEN to where you want to go and map out the plan to deliver it.

Maybe you’re reading that and thinking, “Sounds expensive, I probably can’t afford that.” 

Here’s the thing about order takers — they will cost you more and cost you twice. 

More because you’re buying a thing from a so-called “specialist”  that won’t deliver results so it’s money up in smoke… 

And twice because you’ll be stuck for years in that system before you finally have had enough lost revenue and try something better. 

Now you know my story and what fires me up. Our next meeting, it’s all about YOU. 

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