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Can video be the easy answer to growing your business?


Many businesses have figured out that placing videos on their website, i.e. video marketing, is a good move.

Why?  Because it builds the brand name, showcases them as an expert, puts real people behind the name, speaks to new customers, gives important information, offers real live customer testimonials, brings in new traffic, and increases sales.

Here are some types of videos YOU could use to grow your business:

  • Customer testimonial videos with real people giving their honest feedback.  This is the social proof that will help you sell more products or services.
  • A brief video introduction into what you do. This is like a video version of your elevator speech.
  • A brief walkthrough of your website video.  Show them the page tabs and the search function so they can find what they are looking for on your site. Also show them the contact page so they can ask questions or leave feedback.
  • How To videos. Perhaps you can show potential customers how to use the product or you can explain how to purchase the best product based on their needs.
  • Question and Answer videos. Take the typical questions you get and make a video answering them. This shows the customer you care, and also cuts down on your time having to repeatedly answer the same questions via email.

Video on your website can have a tremendous influence on your business, but there are some details you should know regarding how to get the maximum impact from your media efforts.

Please give me a call if you realize the potential of using video and would like to discuss it further.

John Flynn

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