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Engagement: Effectively Directing the Market to Your Brand


The process of online engagement begins in the place your potential customer (and current customers) are hanging out and continues through your website to the point of contact where you convert them from a prospect into a sale. It is a multi-faceted approach that is universally similar, but unique for every business and different for every niche and geographic market.

More specifically, engagement refers to your relationship as a brand to your audience. Are you providing value? Are you exciting their interest and affirming their decision to conduct business with you?

Consider these facts about online engagement:

  • people are most likely to engage with branded content on social mediat that contains pictures (44%), regular status updates (40%) and videos (37%)
  • tweets with only 1 or 2 hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than tweets with 3 or more hashtags
  • shorters tweets receive 17% higher engagement (less than 100 characters is best), and the best time to tweet is 8 AM – 7PM in your local market
  • Converse has 30 million Facebook fans worldwide, more than any other apparel brand
  • 15% of company responses to consumer comments on Facebook invite further conversation
  • 24% of the web’s top 10,000 websites offer Facebook integration on their homepage
  • 60% of local businesses lack a phone number on the home page to call the business

TruBlu Consulting are experts at engagment strategies, beginning with an analysis of what it will take for you to penetrate your market and attract the right kind of attention to your brand.

In any given business, there might be hundreds of problems your market is looking to solve. But they will only PAY to solve a select few of those problems — those are the ones you’ll want to target in your marketing efforts. For those select issues, how are you offering solutions to your audience? Do they trust your business to be the solution to their needs or if they encounter your brand, do they see a business that’s not established, not committed or not well regarded by others who have purchased from you?

All of this plays into the comprehensive engagement strategies for your brand.

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