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Facebook SSL Requirement — October 1 2011 Deadline


Facebook SSL Security

Facebook recently announced that they will require all applications accessing Facebook to use a Facebook SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection no later than October 1, 2011. In fact, Facebook has begun rolling out this requirement early to the detriment of many business owners who are not prepared for this update. Anyone whose depends on Facebook marketing needs adapt to the new SSL system as soon as possible to prevent service interruption to their Facebook page.

The Facebook SSL update will apply to any application accessing Facebook, which will also affect the vast majority of Facebook fanpages, i.e. those built with any third party software. Imagine customers and fans arriving at your business’ fan page October 1 to find a blank white screen… Not good for business, not good for branding, just not good.

Facebook SSL Warning

Do you realise that your Facebook Fan Page is currently living on borrowed time? From October 1st, Facebook requires ALL Fan Pages to use secure browsing. What this means for you is that you now need to change all your Fan Pages over to using SSL….or risk seeing your Social Marketing efforts come to a sudden stop!

Don’t panic though, we are here to help. Our new Facebook SSL service will make sure you make the transition easily and quickly….and at the lost cost possible. You need to take action now though because after October 1st, anyone who goes to your Fan Page will not see it and they might never come back!

Facebook SSL Deadline October 1

Over 700 Million People use Facebook

Make sure none of them see a blank page or a security warning when they visit your Fan Page.

On October 1st, Facebook is forcing all Pages to use https – the secure browsing protocol. If your Fan Page does not have an SSL certificate enabled, you are going to be invisible, possibly lose existing fans and rapidly see your Social Marketing take a nosedive.

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