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Google Mobile Making Proximity Searching Easier


Google Mobile integrating with Google Local

With Google Mobile, finding nearby places is as simple as one-tap on your mobile device. This is possible with a website that is built to be mobile optimized.

Get local results faster by tapping on shortcuts to commonly searched local categories, like restaurants, coffee shops and bars, in the form of icons on the mobile homepage.

Once you tap on an icon, a map shows locations markers for where you are on a map relative to each place. And as you scroll through results, the map docks to the top of the page and adjusts to each location. Tapping on the business name will quickly show you more about a place including reviews and more useful details.

To use this feature, go to on your mobile browser. This is available in 40 languages worldwide on your Android (2.2+) or iPhone (3.0+) device.

Finding great places nearby has never been easier on your mobile phone, and this just provides another piece of evidence to local business owners for the value in optimizing your websites for mobile.

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