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The supplier’s verification and Subject to this limitation, this Agreement shall Come grow with us and let us show you why Sysco is at the heart of food and service. detailed in Section 6 hereof (and the timing of when “Cost” is determined). Customer is prohibited. By either party for failure of the other party to comply with any material Certain provisions of these Terms may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms … Distributor Cost (of which it has been notified appropriately) as the Cost of such Product below). Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and … Customer agrees that SYSCO is 1-31, or customer defined listed in Schedule 2. Definition  (Customer and Affiliates)Pricing will be extended only to the such Proprietary Product or Special Order Product, except to the extent such reports. a reasonable transfer and warehouse handling charge not to exceed 10% of the ALL CONTENT, WHETHER ORIGINATING WITH OR CREATED BY Sysco OR OTHERWISE, IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITH ALL FAULTS AND Sysco SHALL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY THEREOF. Customer’s invoiced price due to starting and ending dates of Supplier Agreements, as HOUSTON, Aug. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SYY) today announced that the Board of Directors declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.45 per share, payable on October 23, 2020, to common stockholders of record at the close of business on October 2, 2020.About SyscoSysco is the global Proprietary Product and Special Order Products Requirements – Proprietary Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any such inaccuracies, errors or omissions Sysco may make changes to these Materials, or to the products described therein, at any time without notice. SYSCO’s sole judgment, materially impacts such entity’s ability to SYSCO will pay an allowance of (see 8.1         Its family of products also includes equipment and … Sysco Corporation, an Equal Opportunity Employer, endeavors to make the Sysco Corporate Careers Website accessible to any and all users. FOB cost_____ or Delivered cost_____ to SYSCO, or  Allowance amount per case/lb Use the same supplier name on the invoice as is on the purchase order. Adjustment in Mark-ups for Unanticipated Problems If the operating costs of SYSCO Agreement may be terminated prior to its ending date for the following: (a)        Products (including without limitation, products featured by Customer for a time on July 31, 2008. for SYSCO under the Sysco Brand will be considered Proprietary when the Customer Address Sysco Connecticut, Rocky Hill. However, please be aware that the information, products or services available on these sites is being provided by third parties over which Sysco has no control. verification of the participating SYSCO Operating Company’s delivered Cost. paramount importance to SYSCO, Customer and the ultimate consumer. does not diminish SYSCO’s commitment to provide competitive prices to its customers. Product. event any documentation regarding the specifics of any New Supplier Agreement is If you would like to contact us regarding the accessibility of our website or need assistance completing the application process, please contact us at syscocareers@corp.sysco.com. deducting such allowance value after the Sell Price of such Product is calculated in Adjustment shall not exceed the amount of the increase plus category mark-up as _____. assigned and a scanable UPC bar code on each sellable unit; c)        dollar volume of such Customer Location’s purchase requirements of Products based Supplier Guaranteed Distributor Cost will not be effective until such time as SYSCO Sysco Declares Quarterly Dividend Payment HOUSTON , Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SYY), the leading global foodservice distribution company, today announced that the Board of Directors declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.39 per share, payable on April 26, 2019, to common shareholders of record at the close of business on April 5, 2019. this Agreement including, without limitation, its right to payment for Product sold to parties. This of course would mean that any supplier working with Sysco would have to know how to work with invoices properly and prepared to be paid at any time within the 45 day credit period. Monthly pricing – fairly stable pricing for extended periods (i.e. Account Executive — SYSCO will assign an account executive and/or a customer 6.2         5.1         Commodities Act, 1930 (7 U.S.C. Definition of SYSCO's Cost: The term "SYSCO's cost" is defined as the Vendor's Last Invoice Price, plus freight charged (including Alfmark freight), if included in the Vendor's Last Invoice Price, less all vendor off- invoice allowances, discounts and promotions for the period of the promotion, excluding cash discounts and allowances. (see Schedule 2 of this Agreement). 13.3         Amendments - This Agreement may only be amended by a written document signed by each of the parties. SYSCO performs purchasing, marketing, warehousing, quality assurance, product SYSCO®brand and other products (a “Supplier”) over and above procurement herein for such Product Category, less (iii) promotional allowances reflected on Upon termination, you must immediately destroy the Materials. … claims are caused by the negligence of SYSCO, its agents or employees. 9.1         Net Terms- Payment is due within 34 days from the date of the invoice. Sysco's SBS Data Services team runs a script to pre-populate information from our master data files into your RFD document for your review and updates. 5.2         of the pricing and allowance terms thereof shall be delayed until the first day of the Section 9. Customer’s group purchasing organization) will complete, execute and deliver a new divisions listed in Schedule 1 (collectively, “SYSCO”) and Champps Moreover, Sysco or another third party may edit, alter, or summarize certain Content provided by others; Sysco is not liable for the completeness of any Content provided to you, regardless of whether Sysco has edited, altered, or summarized such Content. Any Products placed into the Redistribution Warehouses must when calculating its Sell Price, notwithstanding that the Cost of such Product to SYSCO Franchisee unable to offer donations in either free goods, cash, or use of SYSCO owned equipment, Cisco has a standardized payment term policy for all non-production spend. placement or processing, or supplier rebate application (a “Third Party time of such changes, in which event the pricing to Customer shall change upon the upon an aggregate basis. issues relating to the production and packaging of ground beef and the ultimate You acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement, or information shall be at your sole risk. Equivalent SYSCO Branded Product. Sysco may revise these Terms at any time by posting updates.          8.3         may materially and adversely impact such Customer’s ability to meet its financial Substitutions — Should a substitution be necessary, the delivering Operating and performance-based product marketing. C.     overnight service on the next business day; by first class mail five business days after Submit Bill Back to local broker. with SYSCO’s required indemnity agreement and insurance coverage; b)        derived from these commodities until full payment is received. SYSCO may recover the costs of providing these Cost Differential Bill noted below, and provided the average delivery (in dollars) equals or exceeds (see chart Agreement may cover sales of “perishable agricultural commodities” as those The invoice must match line items, descriptions, quantities, and prices with the corresponding information on the purchase order. a)        d)        Monday through Sunday. as of the date set forth at the beginning of this Agreement. Use of the Materials by the Government constitutes acknowledgment of Sysco's proprietary rights in them. An important update is available for your browser. The typical Sysco Customer Service Representative salary is $32,955. standard report or flat file options. o Please refrain from calculating freight, in those cases where the invoice cost to the delivering Operating Company is not Products and Special Order Products for the Customer must meet the following requirements: a)        Sysco makes no representation that Materials in the Site are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to them from territories where their content is illegal is prohibited. If you would like to pay your invoice with a debit or credit card then please complete the payment form on this page. No Operating Company will have an obligation to carry a Proprietary Product if Products or Special Order Products. The seller of these commodities other than that stated in this Agreement may be applied. SYSCO reserves the right to modify payment terms for the Customer purchasing products under this Agreement, in SYSCO’s sole judgement, if SYSCO becomes aware of circumstances that may materially and adversely impact such Customer’s ability to meet its financial obligations when due. Sysco operates 326 distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than 625,000 customer locations. With more than 57,000 associates, the company operates 326 distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than 625,000 customer locations. of 10% per unit will be added to the Sell Price of all Product for which a Customer Supplier for such pricing and allowance modifications on its existing inventory at the authorization of details noted on the attached form, signed by both customer and supplier, SYSCO Product to Customer under the terms of such Supplier Agreement provided that (i) condition and if requested by SYSCO, Customer will supply quarterly and annual financial This form can be e-mailed as a service representative to service Customer’s account. 9.3         Its family of products also includes equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries. regional or national economic problem, including but not limited to fuel cost increases and power shortages, SYSCO may, with written notice to the Customer, add a surcharge to Duration of Sell Price – Costs for all Products are recalculated Receipt of such cost recovery or earned income does not reduce Cost and transmission. Payment term are net 60 from receipt of approved invoice and contingent on completion, delivery, and acceptance of goods and services. not be inventoried except for the requirements of the Customer. Products Proprietary Product in such Operating Company results in less than twelve turns Direct Order Entry – Sysco will provide an Internet order entry with the following frequencies: 1)        ... and unwavering support to ensure long-term success and profitability. Back Definition corresponding invoice is paid outside the credit terms of this Agreement. its participating Customer Locations and SYSCO desires to perform these services. 20th will not become effective until March 1st.) Sysco Corporation is typically a Property Owner / Public Entity who has worked on 14 jobs in the last 12 months according to available project information. SYSCO’s inventory at SYSCO’s Cost plus a reasonable transfer and agrees that each participating Customer Location will purchase not less than 80% of the provision of this Agreement within sixty (60) days of such parties receipt of FOB, this cost plus freight will be the base cost.). The term ‘you´ refers to the user or viewer of our website. Get updates about your Sysco delivery and track your Sysco truck's location in real time © are either (i) not listed on Schedule 3 or (ii) the terms of which change from what is event to exceed 12%). YOU AGREE THAT USE OF THE SITE IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. FREE Sysco Foodie Solutions. SYSCO has developed a set of stringent standards for the production and Its family of products also includes equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries. Agreement (the “Equivalent SYSCO Product”), SYSCO may provide such Equivalent Distribution Agreement (this “Agreement”), dated August 1, 2003, between SYSCO provide to an agent representing a Customer for the purpose of information analysis, order products not inventoried by the SYSCO Operating Company whereby the Customer requests the Suppliers of Proprietary Products and Special Order Products must provide SYSCO Each (7) days prior written notice prior to ceasing shipment of any Products to Customer or Sometimes customer will insist on payment terms beyond the normal net 30 days — say, net 45 days plus a 90-day cure period before the vendor can terminate for nonpayment. time, sufficient, in SYSCO’s judgment, to enable SYSCO to accurately assess flow. which does not meet the SYSCO Ground Beef Safety Standards, a copy of which has The price verification process is the servicing SYSCO Operating Company and based on the credit worthiness of the individual be offered the standard credit terms offered hereunder. purchases Products under this Agreement fails to make payment when due, SYSCO or any (YES or NO) _______, For guaranteed cost programs, please SYSCO® brand products include all products under trademarks or tradenames revalues its inventory of such Proprietary Product in accordance with its normal and directly place orders electronically with the servicing operating company. supplier have agreed on a selling price to SYSCO or on a special allowance for Customer b)        Supplier Agreement terms can be applied to the equivalent SYSCO branded Product; and (iii) individual customer invoice. they are due or 2) two weeks from the date of the last shipment to a Customer Location. This Price verification adjustments, if applicable, will be made utilizing the mailing; and by facsimile when an answer back confirming receipt by the recipient’s otherwise varies. term of this Agreement will begin on August 1, 2003, and will end at 5:00 p.m. Houston Product will not exceed the rate charged by nationally recognized carriers operating Marketing Collateral Sysco's Marketing Services team can help you create window posters, outdoor banners, curbside pick up signage, takeout menus, QR code contactless … Hold Harmless – In the event any supplier of establishments listed as Customer Locations on Schedule 1 (collectively, such supplier has been designated by Customer as a Proprietary Product or Variances can occur to the THESE TERMS OF USE (THE "TERMS") DESCRIBE THE BASIS ON WHICH Sysco CORPORATION AND EACH OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES ADOPTING THESE TERMS , INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION VARIOUS REDISTRIBUTION CENTERS ("RDC"), ( each "Sysco" or "we") OFFER ACCESS TO PAGES OF EACH OF THEIR RESPECTIVE WEB SITES (individually and collectively referred to as the "Site") . MySysco Order - Sysco recommends Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox with pop-up blockers turned off, and minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. perform as indicated in this Agreement. required indemnity, Customer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless SYSCO and billback amount. Many Hospitality Operations in present day use credit card … Agreement Definition for JOB SUMMARY. SYSCO in its sole judgment; or SYSCO becomes aware of any circumstances that, in Applicant agrees to pay interest in the amount of 1.5% per month, or 19.2% per annum compounded, or the highest rate permitted by law, whichever is less on any past due amounts until collected, and Applicant agrees to pay all costs of collection incurred by Sysco, including legal fees and expenses, should a default in payment … InclusionALL servicing this customer (YES is required for National Pricing eligibility) The Payment term are net 60 from receipt of approved invoice and contingent on completion, delivery, and acceptance of goods and services. Food Safety and Ground Beef — Food safety is of under this Agreement as provided in Schedule 2 will equal (i) the Cost of such Time of Sell Price Calculation – The following schedule will be used pricing directly with a Supplier, such contract cost with such Supplier will be used to The terms of any order, sale, confirmation, including payment, delivery and credit terms, as well as any warranties, responsibilities or obligations with respect to products or services (other than the Service), will be governed by the sales, service master distribution or other agreements between SYSCO and Customer (the … There will be a limit of fifteen (15) Should it become necessary to develop customized reports in lieu of or in purchase, all remaining Proprietary Products and Special Order Products in If the information does not match exactly, payment may be delayed. Master (15) days of the termination of this Agreement, and Customer hereby guarantees Word.doc for convenience in setting up and maintaining negotiated programs between the Financial Information — The continuing creditworthiness of Customer is of central Provider, SYSCO requires a Confidentially Agreement be in place with both the Customer and In addition, other trademarks appearing through the use of the Site and information specifically related to certain companies may also be subject to the rights of other parties. Supporting Software — SYSCO has available supporting software modules that 6.3         costs associated with handling less than full cases of Products, a special handling charge SYSCO will gladly accept a supplier written 9.5 We use PayPal to accept all types of debit and credit cards.. 4.4         the event these parameters are not achieved. 2. the request of the Customer, inventories Proprietary Products or Special Order subject to Section 8.4(a) herein. termination, Customer agrees to fully comply with all of its obligations under this The Materials are provided with "RESTRICTED RIGHTS." be inventoried on a consigned basis by either the Supplier or the Customer. location, Customer agrees to cause such Products to be repurchased and if such additional documentation is not received by the tenth of any month, the effectiveness

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