New Year’s Resolution Fail

New Year’s Resolutions? Whatever…

How about a Ten Day Resolution? Once you have a basic idea of what you need from your business in the way of cashflow, and a method of how you’re getting there (generating leads, making your site visible on mobile devices, creating a higher converting website design, etc.), you have your strategic plan in place.


At that point, shift to your operational planning. What can you do in the next TEN DAYS that will move your business forward? Those 10 days are powerful, hyper-focused and measurable.

It’s a shift in thinking that forces your mind to work in short bursts of creative problem solving.

Telling your brain it has a year to solve a problem is like sending it on vacation for 11 months. You will likely *not* hit your targets.

Ten Days to Business Success. Try it — if it doesn’t work for you, then you can always dust off your new year’s resolution on January 11. Lol