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The words on your site make all the difference in the world. After all, your website should be the tool that actively promotes your business. To do that, when someone arrives at the site, the message needs to resonate with them. It needs to address the problem or challenge they are facing. Reassure the visitor that your business can help them. And then compel them to take action — call your business, complete the contact form, download your ebook to join an email list. 

We do all of that and more. 

We have been in the conversion and persuasion business since before the internet was born. 

All of our content is produced by U.S. writers so you won’t get something weird that sounds like it came from a robot or someone who technically knows English, but they don’t know how real people speak it.

That’s fake content — unnatural, awkward and hopeless for converting sales. 

Your customers will spot fake content a mile away. What does that say about your brand? Nothing good! 

Writing Your Home Page Content

Your Home page is the first page visitors typically see on your website. They instantly must identify a solution to their problem or they will click away. We can help you craft a Home page that is relevant and persuasive! Communicate your key benefits!

Sprinkle the page with the keywords people are actually searching for businesses in your niche; it’s important to make the page relevant to the search engines as well as your ideal customer. 

Put your best foot forward with your content. You only have three seconds to make a great impression online. 

Writing Your About Page 

Your About page should ideally tell your story plus an added hook — helping your customer. 

A better way to think of your About page is to call it the So What? page. What’s in it for your customer? For example, you are a family business that is third generation — how does this benefit your customer?

We can help you with your messaging so it not only tells your story and pulls on all the right emotional heartstrings, but it conveys relevance to your customer to the point where they connect and want to do business with you. 

The About page is oftentimes the second most read page on your website. Get this right and you will attract customers for life. 

SEO Content

We need to cast a wide net in business and that involves ranking in search engines. Being on the top page of Google or Bing means speaking the language of the search engine. You won’t be found on page one if you’re not relevant to the ‘conversation’ around that search term.

There are dozens of factors that give a page search visibility — the links you have to your website, your reviews online, the speed of the site, whether you have a secure “SSL” connectio… The most basic thing you need to accomplish is to make sure your messaging is on point and on target.

That’s where SEO Content comes in. It is the definition of giving search engines what they want. But at the same time, it’s giving your customers what they want. 

Gone are the days of shady practices like stuffing a page with the same phrase a hundred times. That’s just awful junk, who wants to read that… No one, not even the bots from Google and Bing! 

We create content that ranks. Period. 

Ongoing Content Project + Rewriting Your Existing Content

Be relevant. No job is too small or too big. If you need content for an ongoing search campaign, we can commit to as many months and pieces of content as you need per month. 

Need a rewrite of a page? We’re on it. 

Need help with email marketing or social media messaging, or writing a new flow for your automated chatbot? No problem! We have done it all. 

Yes we Write in Your Niche

We write in every niche. Attorneys, hair salons, cosmetics, fence installers, HVAC technicians, construction, e-commerce, telecom, entertainment, coaching, agriculture… Any niche, any size business. How about yours? Let’s start today. 

Deadline: Yesterday

Fast turnaround every time. You won’t wait weeks for a simple task. Your brain to ours to the page. Like that. 

You Have a Messaging Problem

If your website is attracting visitors but your phone acts like it’s out of service, you have a messaging problem. If your product or service fills a specific need in the market but the market is ghosting you, you need better content

Let’s get this party started. Contact us today with your content needs. 

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Your story plus an added hook

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SEO Content

We create Content that Ranks. Period.

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Fix your Messaging Problem with Better Content

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