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Repair Your Reputation Online

With online reputation recovery services, we work to replace search engine results that harm you with neutral or beneficial results. 

If you have been attacked with baseless, defamatory accusations, we can do a number of things to force removal of those pages and expunge from the online record. 

If your problem is more complicated… a DUI if you’re an executive or partner in a firm or in the midst of a job search… a FINRA judgment against you if you’re a financial advisor… SEC violations… lawsuit judgements… and similar problems where you have culpability… We can work to suppress those pages. 

We understand your intention is not to hide your past from the public and future business dealings. Suppressing negative information changes the narrative and gives you the opportunity to address past issues on YOUR terms. Rather than being summarily rejected for opportunities, it allows you to contextualize the circumstances and explain yourself. 

Other Examples

There are other times when you’ll need a team who is not exclusively “SEO” nor “Reputation” nor “Content” but everything combined and working in sync.

Here are some examples: 

Trademark Violation. Your family has been making a product for 75 years. Suddenly someone creates a cheap knockoff with the same name (or too similar) and pushes an aggressive search campaign, harming your brand and diminishing your revenues. You will have a litigation remedy but that can take years. Meanwhile, you approach us to force a takedown of the counterfeit pages and replace your brand in the top search results. 

Digital Product Theft. You have created a product, built an audience, and sell membership for $1,000 per student. Someone bootlegs your course and syndicate to blackhat sites worldwide where students can purchase for $29. In this case, you will have a takedown claim (forcing webhosting companies to take down pages with the bootleg product) but that takes time. In addition, the way online syndication works, you will see thousands of other pages take their place. You will want a team that can put your authorized pages into the search results AND assist with takedown orders. 

Remediation of Revenge Porn. Again, you will have a legal claim to remove the offensive pages but meanwhile, you need to replace those top ranking (most publicly visible) pages online with non-harmful content. Simply removing some pages will never get ahead of the syndication of thousands of others; there is a comprehensive process that is effective but it must be managed. 

These are just a few examples. From what we have discussed, we hope you can agree that in these cases, you need experienced professionals in Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Repair, and content creation (both SEO content and conversion content). 

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