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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are paid advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, Youtube, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The purpose of a PPC campaign is to generate traffic to your website, landing pages, or brand Facebook page. Once you have chosen your platform and market, your copywriter will create a custom ad. The main components of a good PPC campaign are the title, text, and call-to-action button. These elements inform people about your business and persuade them to visit your website. These ads can be displayed to your target audience based on factors such as their browsing history or demographic data. It can be overwhelming to manage your own PPC campaign by yourself, which is why many businesses hire a professional copywriter to help them. Managing the campaign encompasses keyword selection (focusing on the intent of those keywords), targeting

Targeting limits your campaign in several ways: geographically to limit the countries or towns where your customer lives; device targeting (for example, you probably don’t want to show your ads to people on TV’s), time of day (if you are directing your ad at stay-at-home moms, you probably will remove overnight scheduling).

Optimizing your PPC ad requires a level of expertise in itself. You can offer up your ad dynamically so it captures specific words the person is searching for and places those words within your ad. You can include a phone number in the ad so they call directly, similar to a “lead-gen” approach but that is only recommended for one segment of your campaign. Most campaigns benefit from sending traffic to a specific page whose purpose is to convert that visitor into a click. Another benefit of sending traffic to a page that’s dedicated to the campaign (a “landing page”) is that it can hyper-focus the visitor to follow one path to a single outcome. Your website pages are relatively distracting places by comparison; when you’re spending money-per-click, you want the maximum chance of a conversion.

If you want the ability to immediately reach prospective customers in your market, a Pay Per Click campaign would seem like the best way to accomplish that. That may or not be the case based on a number of factors such as the urgency of your keywords, the competitiveness and bidding price of those keywords, how broad your market is (how tightly you can target that campaign), and many other issues that we can help you unpack and consider.


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