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On-Site Optimization Vs. Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization represents a real opportunity to a business to attract customers who are actively engaged in trying to solve a problem or purchase a product or book an appointment for a service…

The top businesses in a market have a search visibility strategy and their lesser competitors apparently are content to leave money on the table by giving it to their competition. 

Specifically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your business website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Since your website is a tangible asset of your business — unlike social media properties (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) over which you have no real control — it is prudent invest in placing your business property in front of the customers in your market. When you appear in search results, your business appears at the moment your customer needs your product or service! 

SEO is comprised of the metadata on the website itself as well as backlinks leading back to the website. The metadata on the site is called on-site optimization. The backlinks are called off-page optimization or off-page SEO. An effective SEO strategy incorporates both. 

TIP: Top notch website designers will incorporate on-site SEO when they build a business website; it’s a standard level of service at TruBlu. 

For local businesses, it’s important to not only rank on the first page in the “organic” results but also, the “Local” results. The local listings were previously known as the “maps” listings or the “three-pack.” They appear above the organic listings in search and include directions to the business, hours of operation and social metrics like customer reviews. 

It’s important that the Name, Address and Phone data that is on your website is consistent with what is found elsewhere online; the search engines compile the NAP data to dynamically generate the information on the Local listings. Care must be taken so that everything matches across business directories and social media. 

A business should claim their local listing for the purpose of blocking competitors from claiming and exploiting it, but also to enhance and optimize it. A business can add so much more than NAP data to a listing; it can be a source of content, images of the business, a place for customers to find and interact with you to make appointments, get updated hours and so much more.

Search engine optimization helps search engines understand the site and the content, and then rank it accordingly. Search engines use complex algorithms to rank information on websites. These algorithms include factors such as keywords, site structure, link structure, content quality, and page speed. 

Search engines want to deliver the most relevant information to users. They also want to provide users with relevant results that are easy to find. That is why, when optimizing a website, it is important to think about the keywords that people use to find information on the internet. The more relevant your website for their intended search, the more you will be rewarded with higher rankings and more importantly, converting that lead into a phone call or contact.

Let’s discuss your business online and how we may improve the visibility, traffic and converting those leads into customers! 

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