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Building a Consumer Following with Social Proof


Whether you’re a small business or entrepreneur, having an Internet presence is key to gaining popularity and increased sales. In the past, simply having a great SEO strategy was enough to make this happen, but today, consumers are becoming wiser in the way they shop and buy items and services online. A lot of people are turning to social media web sites to find out what others are buying and uncover their views are of a specific product or service. In order to get in the mix with your Internet marketing, you will need to add social proof to your strategy.

What is Social Proof?

social proof onlineSocial proof is a growing concept where consumers are turning to social media in order to learn what their peers are buying. Social media is playing a big role in helping people find out about products they are interested in. Some experts will even call social proof a form of peer pressure, where consumers are trying to fit in with friends and others within their age group. The three major social media sites where this is happening is on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

How Big an Impact Does Social Proof Have on Internet Marketing?

If you have tried every other method of internet marketing, you will find social proof to be the one that could double or triple your sales or customer loyalty. In the United States, over 15 million people do research on social media web sites before making a purchase. It also shows that people who are referred via social media venues are 71% more likely to make the purchase. CEOs who communicate via social media web sites have buyers who are 77% more likely to make a purchase from their company. This says a lot about the importance of using social proof as a way to increase revenue.

Ways to Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Internet Marketing Strategy

There are a variety of ways that you can make social proof strategies work for your business. Whether you have a brick and mortar company, blog, or e-commerce Web site, social proof is something that you can use to improve your online marketing results. Let’s take a look at why social proof is an effective tool to use:

  • Giving Your Business Personality: Making your business transparent with your personal life is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. You should select stories that somewhat relate to your business and that your customers can relate to. Sharing a personal story will make your business feel more human and give it some personality. It can be about virtually anything, from an event that you attended to a funny story.
  • Becoming an Authoritative Figure: Gaining authority in your field can help get you increased conversions in the future. Consumers listen to businesses that are authoritative about a niche. It earns their trust and they believe in the recommendations and reviews that you provide. Make sure to provide valuable information through your viral content versus always advertising a product or service.
  • Dealing with Negative Press Faster: Since you will be in the loop of the social media world, you will be able to quickly find negative posts that have been made about your company. You can then counter the comments or even correct the problem. For instance, if someone had a bad customer service experience with your business, you can publicly offer a coupon for a future purchase, along with an apology for the bad experience. You can even offer to investigate the problem and discipline the individual in your company who is making you look bad.
  • Positive Social Proof Boosts Sales: The best thing about social proof is that it helps to convince the masses that your product or service is worth buying. The more people consumers see purchasing from you and having a positive result, the more likely they will buy from you as well. Social media sites like Facebook can boast for you, by showing an exact number of likes that your business has and showcasing posts of other people who have mentioned you in their comments.

Using social proof is a smart idea if you are looking to increase traffic, boost sales, and enhance customer loyalty. Try incorporating it into your business to see how well it works for you.

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