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Top Bakersfield Web Designers are numerous with dozens of web design companies, agencies and freelancers to choose from.

wordpress iconAs a Professional Web Design Company in Tehachapi, we are local to Bakersfield. We work with clients nationwide to build their online brand and visibility in their market.

We are expert WordPress designers, building custom websites, and e-commerce (WooCommerce, Shopify and other top carts), led by web development professionals who provide excellent customer service.

The best Web designers create an inviting web design for your prospective leads and current customers in the Bakersfield area. 

For many clients, your website has become the first opportunity to learn more about your business.

Choosing the best internet design and development agency provides you the best impression on the web. Website designers as a basic professional requirement should offer a web design that is professional and beautiful… But is that the end of it?

We Advance the Conversation between You and Your Customer​


online conversation social media marketingAre website designers really doing their job if all we create is a “pretty book cover”? The inside pages of that book (website) need to convey your story and how your company was founded and grew in the Bakersfield market. 

Every local family business has a story that’s compelling and important — it’s our passion to communicate that to your market in a way that gets your customer’s attention.

AIDA all the way

Effective web design grabs attention as an essential first step. In fact, without your customer’s Attention, nothing else matters. The AIDA model is perhaps the best known internet marketing model — Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Once we have your customer’s Attention, the words on the website command their Interest. We trigger their Desire. Our web design compels them to take Action.

Professionalism: A+ Reputation in Web Development

We get top marks from clients in Web Design Bakersfield because we have been doing this since 1999 when the internet was two cups and a piece of string. 

We successfully market local businesses online and have a long track record to prove it. 

Ask us about our visibility case studies that span a wide variety of industries and markets, not just in Bakersfield and Kern County but throughout California and around the world. 

We have worked with business owners in Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa. 

Clients worldwide have increased their online presence with visibility search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, Google Ads (Adwords Pay-Per-Click) and more. 

Price of Web Design in Bakersfield CA

Internet marketing is like any other full service proposition: there are options and packages with choices. We don’t have a “one size fits all” or “Starter / Intermediate / Advanced” package across the board. What works for an attorney will be quite different for a high end salon… or a construction company… or an agricultural enterprise. 

no ugly duck marketing ugly duck websitesWe don’t offer a “$500 website” to trick you into calling us. If you want real results online then we are the one to call. We are a highly qualified consultant for the company such as yours — one who is committed to its future and legacy. 

When we work with a company, we are 100% committed to a results-oriented successful outcome. 

We guarantee that.

That said, clients are often incredulous at our pricing… Especially after we have completed the project and we have 110% delivered exactly what we promised (and more!), on several occasions we have had clients say we should raise our prices! That’s very gratifying, really the best feedback one could hope for.

Custom Web Design by Top Web Designer near Bakersfield CA

A TruBlu Web design, Bakersfield, offers custom programming, custom websites and all the typical things you would hope to find in professional websites.

Highly Recommended Web Design Company with Ongoing Support

Every premium web design project receives one year of secure web hosting on fast servers with core updates, security monitoring and backups included. 

Our client service reputation is outstanding with visibility, conversion and web design. 

bakersfield chamber top 10 businessBakersfield clients — in fact, any local client in southern California (Tehachapi, greater Kern County, Los Angeles county including Santa Clarita, Orange County including Irvine, and San Diego) — receive personal attention from me as an owner. 

As a local client, you will receive my cell number and can call or text me directly at any time.

A Consultant Advisor, Not a Cubicle Phone Jockey Reading a Script

local business consultants digital marketingRest assured, you will received a design team, development company and project manager who understands your business needs and business goals needs to deliver exactly what your potential customers want. 

Our project managers work closely with you and your team to insure you receive the very best client service a website design company is capable of delivering.

We want your experience with our web design agency to be a world class experience — good ol’ fashioned customer service because let’s face it, that’ s a rare occurrence anymore!

Our Custom Web Design Services Include Mobile Friendly Web Design Optimized for any Sized Screen

Web design isn’t just about a pretty website design, graphic design, logo design or custom programming. 

It must look and function just as well on a laptop as it does on mobile devices like a tablet or smartphone — any sized screen. It must function properly in any modern browser including Firefox, Safari or Chrome with proper viewports, tap-to-call buttons, distance between elements and large fonts.  

Full Service Design + Visibility Package

All our top websites include the COMPLETE PACKAGE — a whole process including copywriting, market research, website maintenance and a user friendly experience to guarantee your site delivers more traffic, more leads and results.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Services - Included with Every Top Tier Project

Our internet marketing, social media marketing and visibility campaigns get results for local and small Bakersfield business because we bring a unique blend of services to the equation. 

We are not just graphic designers offering an online brochure of marketing materials to your customer.

Local Business Web Design Bakersfield CA

You are receiving a web design by Kern County locals and served by a business owner you can reach directly on the phone. 

We produce professional websites that get results with a compelling design Bakersfield customers take notice — and more important, take action to call your business, email you or fill out your contact form.

Digital Marketing / Design Agency Serving Local Business

web design seo online reputation in californiaSome website designers in Bakersfield will not offer a complete package… The idea is to low-ball you on the site and then proceed to upsell you all the things you need to have your website actually do its job and get you web visibility in your market. Isn’t that like selling you a new car with no steering wheel or tires? Website design typically means one of two things — low cost web design that really is just a space filler. It checks the box as “having a website” but it is not an effective design Bakersfield customers will be drawn to and take action. Effective web design is in a different class: Your website should be a 24/7 worker on behalf of your business and your website designer should be someone focused on growing your business, driving sales, increasing revenues and making a positive impact on your P&L statement. That’s how we view our responsibility — it’s a lot more than being your website provider and “checking the box.”

Maximize Your Online Presence with a Great Design + Online Marketing

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Please email or call to schedule an appointment. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives, and look forward to serving you.

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