About Us

Welcome to TruBlu Consulting for Digital Marketing

Next time you evaluate a digital marketing agency, ask yourself if their proposal is building their business… or yours? 

TruBlu speaks in plain business terms, not confusing jargon or double-speak. We build assets that you own — you don’t lease your website — and it’s on industry standard platforms that you can take anywhere, whenever you like. 

We don’t have to trap any client into staying with us with long-term clients yet the majority of our clients have been with us 8 years or more. The very simple reason for that is we do what we say we’re going to do. We return calls, deliver on time and appreciate your business. 

Who Are We

Full service digital marketing agency that has been successful online since 1999 for local business owner clients worldwide. We have worked with clients across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and South Africa

Our Mission

Our passion is helping small to mid-size businesses achieve prominence in your market and providing honest, transparent services that you can easily measure and verify, without all the geek speak and “jargon.” We speak BUSINESS – period.

What We Do

We ask questions so we deliver the results you care about. We research the top producers in your space and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Then we work hard until you achieve dominance in your market. 

Our history

A message from our founder

I’ve been successful online since 1999 when I built my first website. I’ve watched the internet mature, evolve and become ubiquitous — 360 billion people are online now. With trillions of web pages and content, the internet is full of “free advice” on how to build your business online and much of it is completely wrong or ineffective.

I have operated storefront businesses so I understand the pressures of meeting payroll, building your market share and getting constantly interrupted by call centers posing as “Google.” They are never Google, just so you know.

I am in business to serve you, one business owner to another. 

— John Flynn, President of TruBlu

Our 6-D process



We’ll ask the right questions because we are not selling “tech,” we are in business to achieve results. 



We’ll design a solution that meets your needs and objectives.



If design is required, we have studied your market to understand what works for the top producers in your space. 



Our developers are expert in creating lean code that doesn’t break or bog down your website. Speed is essential in today’s mobile-first world. 



Most clients host their website with us because we offer VPS-level cloud-based solutions at one-third the market rate. We only host our client business websites; no one else is allowed in. 



Delivering on time and with a smile has become a quaint custom in today’s warfare business climate. Call us weird but we believe in meeting deadlines, always giving value and remembering the little things like opening doors for people and saying “please ” and “thank you.” 

Would you like to start a project with us?

We're not your typical _____ (fill in the blank: web designer / SEO / online marketer). Everything is different from our approach, the questions we ask and the RESULTS we deliver!