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How to Choose a Web Designer


“How do you choose a company to design your first website, or re-design the site you have?”

Seven crucial things your website must do:

  1. Communicates directly with your customers and prospects about your brand. The layout should be simple, easy to navigate and highly professional.
  2. Engages your visitors and lets them know you understand their needs and their pain. Engagement should be your #1 priority, as people in your market strive to cut through the noise and find the true leaders in your niche. Your website is your greatest opportunity to prove your business is relevant to your market’s needs. Context is king, not content. People don’t need more information. They need to know why you as a business matter to them and how you will solve their problems.
  3. Communicates clearly to the search engines what it is about, and notify the search engines every time you add new content. There is special code called metadata that sits behind a website in addition to the content on the site itself. When a site’s content matches the metadata a search engine needs to understand it, we say the website is optimized.
  4. Cause visitors to take action before they click away. We hear a lot of business owners say they want a “simple website.” We agree, but “simple” does not mean “lazy.” Your website should work for you to grow your audience, build your customer list and increase cash flow.
  5. Perhaps you want people to call you, read your free report or engage in a conversation about topics important to them. Your website can do all that.
  6. Use the latest technology so it can be seen on any web browser or mobile device.
  7. Be easy for you to update and maintain so you don’t need to hire a programmer every time you want to change a word or add a picture or video.
  8. Work as part of an overall online branding strategy that incorporates social media, mobile, video and more. Your website is the foundation for your business online.

In summary, your web designer must be able to create a website that

  1. communicates with your customers
  2. engages their needs
  3. synchronizes with search engines
  4. has a strong call to action
  5. be easily read by everyone
  6. easy for you to update
  7. be the key foundation to your online strategy

Few web designers understand the true value or functional requirements of a website. Even fewer have the experience and qualifications to deliver this type of website.

And yet, here at TruBlu we are experts at creating the highly optimized, engaging websites your business needs.

Our designers work closely with our SEO team to insure your website meets your rigorous branding requirements and is highly optimized for search engine placement.

We have designed hundreds of websites for business ownes just like you. We are not a massive call center operation or impersonal corporation. We are very friendly and easy to work with, and we look forward to optimizing your web presence. Let’s grow your bottom line starting with an effective web design.

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