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The ‘Google Placement’ Scam


You may have received a phone call that went something like this — “Hi! This is Bob with Google Placement. If you are a business owner…” and they go on to tell you they can sell you a website on Google.  They strongly imply they are affiliated with Google!

That is a complete scam, folks. Google is not in the business of selling anything other than the tiny ads you see when you’re in their search engine. The automated dialer that is “Bob” is a private company that will put you into a series of aggressive upsells and cross-promotions that you’ll never get out of. Please don’t fall for it.

If you have become the victim of this scam, we suggest you contact your credit card company and block any future charges; contact the Federal Trade Commission and file and complaint; and issue a ‘cease & desist’ letter to the company directly. We assume you’ve already tried the third step a number of times; we have heard from business owners who are now our clients who were targeted by unscrupulous companies who were perpetrating this…

If you haven’t yet been victimized, congratulations. If you pick up the phone one day and someone says, “Hi! This is X with Google Placement. If you are a business owner — ” …we suggest introducing them to the sound of your dial tone.

We received a phone call, too. The number that called us was from a (262) area code. Buyer beware.

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